American Horror Story, Season 3 has the most stylish characters in all TV history. True?

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, have been keeping us at the edge of our seats for almost a decade now with each season of the hit show ‘American horror story’. Its most recent season ‘Cult’ provided us with an insight into what it may be like inside a modern-day cult similar to the one Manson or others tried to create. However, one season that stood out to all its viewers was season 3 ‘Coven’, having many girls wish they were a student at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Moreover, this season provided us all with most likely the most stylish characters in all TV history. Here are the ones I thought stood out the most;

     5. Madison Montgomery


Madison Montgomery kills the show adding some Hollywood glitz and glamour with a witchy twist. Whether it’s her six-inch sparkly heels, her fur (let’s hope faux) hats and jackets, knee-high socks or low cut dresses, shes always quote “Got that thing, you know”.

     4. Myrtle Snow


‘Mad for tartan’ Myrtle snow always surprises us with her colour mixing. It’s clear to see that those cat eye frame glasses can make any outfit look just a bit more couture and the bright reds and yellows give all her clothes a hint of a 60’s vibe. Shes so fashion forward, her last word was “BALENCIAGA”!

     3. Marie Laveau


Voodoo queen, Marie Laveau absolutely stuns us with the head wraps and maxi dresses, she even looked good in a head to toe snakeskin jumpsuit! Despite being the queen of voodoo, it was hard to tell if she was going to raise the dead or walk down a runway.

2. Misty Day


Every good witches coven needs a bohemian sweetheart! Misty day executes this look so perfect with the jagged edge maxi dresses, Asymmetrical Hem skirts, Layered skirts, Celtic style jewellery, big boots and let’s not forget the SHAWLS!

  1.  Fiona Goode


Whether she’s the covens greatest supreme or not is arguable, but she definitely is the classiest one! Midi skirts and dresses all the way, black pointed heels, pendulum tops and a pair of leather gloves, accompanied by a cigarette in hand and a pair of Anna Wintour shades and there you have the most stylish witch in TV history. If you want to steal her style, make sure to “wear something black”

Honourable Mention!

Season 5 – The Countess!!!


Avant-Garde never looked so couture with the countess in American horror story season 5. Red carpet every day!

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