VEGAN leather ? Whats that?

Usually, vegan leather is made of polyurethane which is a man-made material, rather than the skin of a dead animal. But I mean, what’s the difference between real and faux leather? If faux leather was just as good, wouldn’t everyone just use it?

That question is very valid, so here I am giving you a quick overview of the differences and similarities between the two.

Real leather as we all know comes from the skins of animals, hence all the groves and scaring on the material. However, polyurethane or, PU leather can Incorporate mechanically pressed groves which highly replicate real leather.

But isn’t real leather like totally stronger? Yes, real leather is considered more durable and not as susceptible to wear and tear as the PU leather. However, in terms of cost, Real leather can be considerably expensive whereas,  PU leather is a lot cheaper and if handled correctly, can last a considerably long period of time.

Will people know its fake? A lot of PU leather can look and even feel the same as real leather. Although, It’s not quite as dense and is a lot more pliable.

Leather Groves
Orange Leather



More than 1 billion animals are killed every year for the leather industry alone, that’s 1/7 of the human population on earth. Taking a stance against wearing real leather can contribute to helping it become null and void. We then can start investing in better, more eco-friendly and ethical industries that don’t promote the murder of animals for a fashion statement.

In the meantime check out some faux leather clothes from online stores, or if you are looking for classy, Stella McCartney produced a ‘vegetarian leather’ line!

That’s all for now folks, 

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Stella McCartney on Vegetarian Leather:

Vegetarian leather

Find out more about the leather industry:





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